About The Series

Dorian and Shari

Hi I'm Dorian Rahamim, I'm the Author of Conflict Resolution and other upcoming books in the series. I pride myself on the great success I've had in my relationships; particularly with my wife Shari Rose. The Good Technique summarizes the  real-life strategies we've used to make our relationship very close and safe.

Very Little Bullshit  

I've read a ton of self-help material. Every self-help book has this breakdown:
  - 1% life-changing revelations
  - 99% shit to fill 200 pages.

My manuals are the opposite: teeny pocketbooks with terse sentences. I don't cite sources or claim scientific knowledge. I just write about what works.

From The Heart

Relationships are we've got. Conflicts are absolutely horrible. When your loved ones hurt you or (god forbid) you hurt your loved ones? Nothing comes close to the pain. My books don't sugarcoat. The Good Technique is made to work in a messy world.